MR.® N’MAX 32

MR.® N’MAX 32

Formulation & Ingredients:

Total Nitrogen 32 %
Urea Nitrogen 16 %
Nitrate Nitrogen 8 %
Ammonium Nitrogen 8 %

Package: 20 lt


MR.®N MAX 32, produced by special chelating by chemical reactions Thanks to the enzymes it contains, it is designed to meet the nitrogen requirements of the plants at the maximum level.
In nitrogen deficiencies, the growth rate of the plants decreases and the plant remains small. The lengths of the buds remain short and the number of buds decreases. The leaves shrink and the old leaves shed prematurely. Root arrival and branching of the roots remain weak.

Recommended Doses of Application
Foliar: 200-300 ml/100 lt water
Soil: 3 lt/decare