Formulation & Ingredient:

Amine nitrogene (N): %8 w/w
%100 water soluble Calcium oxide (CaO): %14 w/w
%100 water soluble Boron (B): %0.15 w/w

Package: 1 lt. – 5 lt. – 20 lt.



Product Features

  • It is unique source of nitrogen and calcium and it can be applied from soil and leaves.
  • Nitrogen intaken by plant is converted immediately to protein.
  • It doesn’t leach away from soil as result of evaporation and leaching.
  • It provides hormonal balance of plant under stress condition.
  • It increases fibrous root formation.
  • It shortens the distance between nodes and it provides lateral branch formation.
  • It prevents fruit aging and it improves fruit quality.
  • It increases shelf life and market quality.
  • Thanks to boron (B) in its content , calcium intake doubles.
  • It gives resistance against all diseases and pests by strenghtening the cell wall
  • It prevents defloration of bloom and fruit.
  • It resolves  like bitter pit ,blossom-end rot , aseptic nozzle rot ,suberous spot and tipburn problems.

Recommended Practice Doses

From leaves: 100 ml./100 lt. water

From Soil: 200-300 ml./decar