Guaranteed Content w/w
Water Soluble Boron (B): 3,6 %
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn): 10 %
Chlorine Content: 0,69 %

Package Size: 2 kg


Product Features

Thanks to its high content of Boron (B) and Zinc (Zn), it is especially suitable for post-harvest applications in fruit trees,
•Plants are made to eliminate and prevent Boron (B) and Zinc (Zn) deficiency
•Increases flowering and fruit set with pre-flowering applications,
•Thanks to its advanced technology formulation, it is quickly absorbed by the plant and provides long-term effect,
•It plays an important role in nucleic acid synthesis.
•Germination of pollen (flower dust),
•Fruit retention and growth of meristem tissues,
•Ripening and color picking of fruits,
•It is effective in eliminating insufficiencies in fertilization and fruit formation.
•Acts as a catalyst in enzyme systems in plants.
•Controls amino acid synthesis.
•Auxin stimulates the growth hormone.
•Tank mix with many products.
•Not phytotoxic.

Recommended Doses of Application
Foliar : 200 gr /100 lt water
Soil: 200-300 gr /decare