Formulation & Ingredient:

%100 water soluble Boron (B): %11 w/w
Package: 1 lt.- 5 lt.


Product Features

  • It is in gel form, and it provides plant a high level of intake.
  • Thanks to boron, ethanol and amine in its content, its effectiveness on plants is at maximum level.
  • Prevents deficiency of boron in plants.
  • Plays an important role in synthesising of nucleic acid.
  • Helps plants for the germination of pollens.
  • Very effective  in fruit set and growth of meristem tissues.
  • Has positive effects  maturation and coloration of fruits.
  • Helps plants in synthesis of carbonhydrate (sugar) and protein.
  • Eliminates inabilities which occurs during formation of fruit and pollination.
  • Prevents poor fruit set.

The plants which are sensitive to lack of borron are sugar beet, fodder beet, celery, spinach, cauli, russian turnip, cabbage, brussels sproud, carrot, leek, lettuce, troupe, olive, apple and pear.

Recommended Practice Doses

From Leaves: 100-200 ml./100 lt. water
From Soil: 250-300 ml./decar