Formulation & Ingredients

Water Soluble Calcium Oxide (CaO) 13 %
Water Soluble Boron (B) 0,15 %
PH: 2,7

Package Size: 1 lt



It was developed to quickly and effectively meet the calcium requirement of the plant in the early period. It is widely used in fruit against bitter spotting, internal rot and cracking, and in vegetables against flower nose rot and bottom rot. The uptake of calcium by the plants is extremely fast.

Mr.®CAL MAX is completely absorbed from the leaves and can be transported to the fruit, thanks to its unique formulation, it can be used safely without any phytotoxicity in the early period and quickly meets the calcium requirement. The applied fruits develop faster and calcium deficiency is not seen. In vegetables, development is faster and the harvest is more homogeneous MR.®CAL MAX helps to form strong pollen tubes if used before flower and increases fruit holding and yield, fruit formation and fruit quality and shelf life after harvest.

Recommended Doses of Application
Foliar Application: 100-200 ml/100 lt water