MR.® PHOS–25

MR.® PHOS–25


Formülasyon & İçerik:

Total nitrogen (N): %5
Urea nitrogen (N): %5
Water soluable phosphorus pentaoxide (P205): %25
Water soluable Mangan (Mn): %1
Water soluable Zinc (Zn): %1
Package: 5 lt. – 20 lt.


Product Features

  • It is a kind of special liquid fertilizer that can be applied from leaves, Mangan that improved
  • Effectively to pass plant stem and prospered with Zinc.
  • Thanks to containing phosphor, gets good results to blooming and rooting.

Recommended Practice Doses

From leaves: 3 lt./decar
From leaves: 200 cc./100 lt. wate