Formulation & Ingredient:

20-20-20 + ME / 10-40-10 + ME / 16-8-24 + ME
10-5-30 + ME / 18-18-18 + ME / 30-10-10 + ME
20-10-20 + ME / 5-5-45 + ME / 15-30-10 + ME
Micro elements are chelated with 100% Edta. Ures.
Packaging: 25 kg.
Low pH: 3-4
Low EC: 0,90-1,1
Recommended Application Doses
Leaves: 200-300 gr./100 lt. water
From the soil: 0,50-1 kg./dekar (in greenhouses)


Product features
MR.® REISS does not contain any additives. Contains high quality
MR.® technology completely for additives other than macro and micro elements
(enzymes, chelates, agents and proteins).
• MR.® REISS is capable of stimulating the plant with 24 different enzymes.
• The water dissolution rate of MR.® REISS is 100% and the plant availability is very high.
• The nitrogen (N) found in the MR.® REISS is completely chelated with the ammonium form, nitrogen
level losses are close to zero.
• MR.® REISS is available in the MR.® chelating technology, bonding of phosphorus (P2O5) in the soil.
and prevents all elements from being taken by the plant.
• The MR.® chelating technology found in MR.® REISS equals the nitrogen and potassium balance of the plant.
creates a maximum level of potassium to be taken.
• MR.® REISS can be applied from the leaves and the soil.
• MR.® REISS helps dissolve the nutrients that are locked in the soil.
MR.® TECHNOLOGY contained in;
1. Reiss is transported to the cells and walls needed at high speed and without distortion.
2. Reiss is taken immediately by the plant and transported with minimal energy use.
3. Reiss is taken without consuming excess environmental conditions, high heat and cold energy.