pH: 2,5-4
EC: 0,60-0,70

Formulation & Ingredients

15-5-30+TE/10.40.10+TE 30.10.10+TE
The micro elements are %100 chelated with EDTA.
Package Size: 2 kg. – 15 kg.


MR.®JOKER does not contain any additives. Except for high quality macro and micro elements, the only external elements contained in MR.® JOKER are MR.® technology enzymes, chelates, agents and proteins.
•MR.®JOKER has 54 different types of enyzme, which are powerful enough to revive the plant.
•MR.®JOKER has 100% solubility in water and its effectiveness on the plant is very high.
•The ammonium form of Nitrogen (N) contained in MR.®JOKER is fully chelated, with reduction in Nitrogen levels.
•The chelation technology utilized in MR.®JOKER prevents Phosphorus (P₂O₅) from getting bound to the soil and enables the plant to absorb all the elements.
•The chelation technology of MR.®JOKER keeps the Nitrogen-Potassium balance intact and helps Potassium to be taken up to a maximum level.
• Can be applied on both leaves and soil.
• Helps dissolve nutrients locked up in the soil.

The MR.®Techonology of MR.®JOKER:
I. Regulates the pH level of the soil and near environs.
II. Quickly eliminates physiological disorders of the plant, which occur during periods of stress.
III. Encourages multiplication of meristematic cells.
IV. Makes significant contribution to the development of roots, shoots and fruit.
V. Provides low pH and low EC.

Taking the above features into consideration, even a half-dosage of MR.®JOKER is going to be a great deal more effective on the plant than most other fertilizers on the market.

Recommended Doses of Application
Foliar: 100 – 200 gr./100 lt. water
Soil: 0,3 – 1 kg./decare (greenhouse)
Soil: 1-3 kg./decare (field)