Formulation & Ingredient:

Organic substance %30
Organic carbon %10
Total nitrogen %2.5
Water soluble potassium oxide (K20): %6

Package: 1 lt. – 5 lt. – 20 lt.



Product Features

  • In large part of organic substance forms natural convection amino acide and proteins.
  • MR.® TEXAMIN forms enzyme’s  structure of plants that regulates physiological mechanisms.
  • Provides  stressed plants  get better fast  bacause of regulating all plants physiological activities.
  • Provides  uniform structure in the blooming and forming fruit.
  • Increases the rate of chlorophyl on the leaves.
  • Encourages useful microorganism activity.
  • Accelerates food stuffs to be taken.
  • Stimulates root growing directly.
  • Advised to be used  saline soil because of increasing change of ion.
  • Provides to be processed effectively than other traditional organic substances because of biodegradable completely.

Recommended Practice Doses

From Leaves :200-300 ml./100lt. water
From Soil:1-3 lt./decar