Formulation & Ingredient:

Humic and fulvic acid: %20 w/w
Potassium oxide water soluble (K2O): %6 w/w
pH aperture (4–6)
Package: 1 lt. – 5 lt. – 20 lt



Product Features

MR.® Black Mamba is %100 organic product that obtained by special manufacturing techniques. Obtained  by plants roots and leaves with fermentation.

  • Accelerates the development of plant root formation and strengthens the roots.
  • Ensures intake of the elements such as nitrogen, phosohorus, potassium, iron, zinc by plants.
  • Makes it easy to get  the pesticide when mixed with prescribed pesticide given by drip.
  • Very effective for the wake of shock seedlings and root. Helps surprised seedlings entry easily to the soil without having stress.
  • Quikens seedling’s growth and development.
  • Provides better aeration of the soil.
  • Affects soil pH positively.
  • Allows easy take of many elements by the plant.
  • Accelerates cell division.
  • Effect on the  growth of various microorganisms positively and does stimulatory effect on the growth of microorganisms positively.
  • Regulates the structure of the soil and improves  permeability of the soil.
  • Helps the plant to receive more nutrients from the soil.
  • Neutralizes soil which has acidic and basic properties.
  • Increases the permeability  of cell membranes of the plants.
  • Encourages the growth of other important components such as vitamin C in plants, chlorophyll, amino acids, sugars.
  • Increases photosynthesis.

Recommended Practice Doses

From leaves:100-200 ml./100 lt. water
From soil: 1-2 lt./decar