15.0.6+6 MGO + 1B+ 5Mn +4 Zn:

Formulation & Ingredient:

Total Nitrogen: %15
Nitrate Nitrogen: % 2.5
Amonnium Nitrogen: %1.9
Urea Nitrogen: %10.6
%100 water soluble K20: %6
%100 water soluble B: %1
%100 water soluble MgO: %6
%100 water soluble Mn: %5
%100 water soluble Zn: %4

Package: 1 kg.



Product Features

  • It is able to be taken by plants easily and utilizable.
  • Protects plants against trace elements deficiency and has a curative effect.
  • In the form of small granules and does not generate dust,soluable in water easily.
  • Effective for a long time.
  • Contains micro-nutriens at high rates,does not do any damage to plants,produces high quality crops.
  • Should be given from the soil to the sensitive plants such as ornamental plants.
  • Can be given by soil drip irrigation system.

Recommended Practice Doses

From leaves: 50-100 gr./100 lt. water
From Soil: 50-100 gr./decar